Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pitch Perfect's own Fat Amy

For my very first blog post I have decided to share with you my favorire character from my new movie obsession,"Pitch Perfect".  Before I start, I will give those who have not seen "Pitch Perfect" a quick summary.

"Pitch Perfect" is about Beca, a college student, who dreams to be a professional DJ, like David Guetta. The Barden College women's acapella group, The Bellas, want to reach their goal of winning nationals. The two head captains Audrey and Chloe, look for new girls to add to The Bellas in order reach their goal. Beca gets sucked into the group and continues on a hilarious journey of ups and downs to reach their goal of winning nationals. Along the way, the girls compete in various singing competitions against their enemies- the Trebel Makers- and have various social encounters with them. All through out the movie, one of the Bellas, Fat Amy, makes herself present and is a continuous highlight.

Fat Amy  has the funniest lines by far. She has pushed this movie up to my "classics" lost of movies which include "She's The Man" and "Mean Girls". Who does not love those movies. They are the perfect mix of comedy, with a side of hilarious drama and romance. Fat Amy makes the movie with her pee-your-pants side comments in her famous Australian accent. I have decided that her accent and the content of her lines mixed together make her lines so rememberable.

Fat Amy first enters the movie when Chloe and Audrey are handing out fliers for new students to join The Bellas. Fat Amy stops by and introduced herself. Audrey and Chloe are shocked and say, "You call yourself Fat Amy?" Fat Amy responds with, "Yeah, so twig girls like you don't say it behind my back." This is how the director first introduces Fat Amy- what an entrance. Fat Amy continues to show Audrey and Chloe what she can do. After all, Fat Amy is the best singer and mermaid dancer in Tazmania. After tryouts, Fat Amy finds out she makes the team and is ecstatic. The Bellas go to a bonfire where they see first meet the Trebel Makers.

The cockiest Trebel maker, Bumper, is so desperate for a girl that he tries to hit-on every Bella there. He sees Fat Amy and says, "I have a feeling we should kiss right now..." Fat Amy responds with, "I sometimes have a feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think, mmm...better not." This line is one of my favorites from "Pitch Perfect". Fat Amy's sassiness is out-of-this-world. Bumper needed a blow to his ego and she defiantly gave it to him.

When The Bellas start training for nationals, the group decides to workout together. The workout plan is posted on the board and is mostly filled with cardio. Fat Amy's response is, "Yeah, no. Don't put me down for cardio." Later when the group is attempting to run stadiums, Chloe sees Fat Amy lying sideways in between the bleachers trying to hide. When Chloe asks what she is doing Fat Amy simply puts her legs in a running motion and says with a straight face, "Horizontal running." The irony in this scene makes her respose come to life- if you are not laughing it must be one of those you-had-to-be-there moments.

After a long practice Chloe breaks to the group that she has nodes in her vocal cords and cannot sing anymore high pitches. The group is horrified because it is so close to nationals. Fat Amy tries to lighten the mood when she says, "Well at least it's not herpes... or do you have that as well?" The sassiness comes to life again. It is obvious that she does not have a filter- that is what I love about her.

The Bellas make to to regionals and are on their way in a bus when they stop for gas. Fat Amy is filling the tank when the Trebel Makers pass in their fancy bus. Bumper, still personally offended from Fat Amy's first words to him (look above for a reminder), throws a burrito at Fat Amy as they drive by. Fat Amy leans against the bus yelling, "I've been shot!!! I've fallen... and I can't get up!" Fat Amy's drama filled expressions mixed with the Mexican burrito dripping all over her makes this one of my favorite scenes- you literally cannot stop laughing.

When Fat Amy is all cleaned up, the group continues on their way only to find that they are out of gas. Fat Amy is asked if she filled the tank. Her eyes get wide and her mouth drops open: "I did... yet, maybe I didn't... because I got hit by flying Mexican food." The Bellas are forced to call the Trebel Makers to come pick them up. When the groups are in the same bus, there is tension and a bunch of cocky comments being exchanged. Fat Amy warns Bumper that, "You guys are gonna get pitch-slapped so hard, your man boobs are gonna concave." This is also another favorite line of mine. Not only is this sassy, but Bumper has man boobs- it's great.

My final quotes from Fat Amy happen after The Bellas win nationals and are having a big heart to heart. The girls are exposing their deep issues and fears when it gets around to Fat Amy. She starts with "I love you all. Even though most of you are pretty thin, you all have fat hearts...and that's what matters." She continues to talk about her boyfriend problem when she lets out her biggest secret: "My name's not really Fat Amy... it's Fat Patricia." The fact that these girls are pouring their hearts out and all Fat Amy has to reveal is her real name takes you by surprise. You would think that she would have some weird secret, but to find she lied about her name is so underwhelming that it's funny.

I will stop there with my Fat Amy analysis. I strongly suggest all of you see this movie if you have not. I even dragged my brother, who is a sophomore, to come with me and he actually found it hilarious. So guys that means you too- this is not Glee- its legit.

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